Video: BizOps Professionals Confess All

Latest Video: BizOps Hackers Confess All


Are you a fan of Antiques Roadshow? I love the Feedback Booth video segment at the end of every episode. That’s where people not featured in the main segment of the show get a chance to tell you about something that’s near and dear to them.

That Feedback Booth segment inspired me to speak with a few business operations pros who attended our Nov 2 Strategic BizOps Leader meetup. (And when I say “speak,” I mean that I pressed them into participating by pointing a camera at them and clipping a mike to their collar before they could say, “I’d love to!”)

The resulting short video is the first installment in a series we’re calling “Strategic BizOps Leader Confessionals.” We asked four BizOps Hackers to share their perspective on the definition of business operations and what makes it an exciting place to be, along with their thoughts on BizOps sins, hacks and the value of community. You’ll see that despite operating at different levels of the organization, working for different types of businesses, and reporting up through different teams, they shared a number of common themes about BizOps:

BizOps is at the heart of your business
BizOps is where all the pieces come together, and a strong BizOps function helps ensure the success of both existing and new initiatives.

BizOps spans all business functions
Understanding and improving workflows, connecting the dots with data analysis, and streamlining processes throughout the business — BizOps is any and all of these things.

It’s an exciting time to be in BizOps
Many companies are in the process of determining what BizOps means to their business and how best to organize and manage the BizOps function. This means opportunity for anyone in a BizOps role now.

If your title includes descriptions like sales ops, marketing ops, sales analytics, marketing analytics, IT ops or something else, I think you’ll enjoy watching this video.

Many, many thanks to our brave confessors on this first Strategic BizOps Leader Confessionals video for being willing to share their experience and perspective with all of us in the emerging Strategic BizOps Leader community:

  • Natalia Flano of Rapid7
  • Bobby Riegel of Catalant
  • Evan Robinson of InsightSquared, and
  • Mark Znutas of Hubspot.

(In the “nice problem to have” category, it was a bit noisy when we recorded these confessions during our super fun and busy Nov 2 Meetup, so you might want to click on the CC button to get all the good stuff.)




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