BDR Opportunity Funnels

BDR Opportunity Funnels

Traditionally, the job of a BDR manager is to hold their BDRs responsible for the early part of the sales funnel. Making sure they are sourcing the right people, making enough calls, having meaningful conversations, and getting the account execs enough opportunities.

These are extremely important metrics to track and coach on and are crucial to the success of a business development team. Unfortunately in a lot of businesses this is where the tracking stops from a BDR standpoint. Metrics about what actually happens to the opportunity are usually only reflected on the account exec who gets the qualified lead to work through the sales process.

Tracking BDR-generated opportunities through the sales funnel can be a hugely insightful practice which can reveal additional coaching needed for your BDRs. I like to do this in 2 different ways: time and percentage. Looking at this in a cohort format can be very helpful as well. What I mean by this is looking at all the opportunities a rep created in one timeframe, and where those opps are in the funnel now. It will give you a great look at historical conversion rates and and how long it takes for opps to move through the sales process.

Stack ranking your reps on how their opportunities perform can lead to very important coaching moments that are critical to the overall business. Let’s say you have two BDRs - Joe and Pete.

If Pete creates 100 opps and only 5 end up generating revenue, while Joe creates 50 opp and 10 of those generate revenue who is really the rep you want to hire?  You want to hire Joe.

If you measure BDRs by traditional metrics it looks like Pete is your all-star. When diving deeper into the opportunities that are being generated you may learn that not only is Joe generating more revenue, but he’s saving your sales reps time by not creating opportunities that lead to dead ends.

These are metrics that are not easily set up in a CRM like Salesforce or HubSpot, even within their reporting sections.   To do this type of analysis, you need a platform that will take the data from the CRM and let you see how it flows through your whole sales funnel. Rekener Sales Rep Scorecards is used by many BDR managers to see the full story of how the opportunities generated by their BDRs are moving through the funnel.

Sales Rep Scorecards are designed to give quick and easy visibility into how opps generated by BDRs move through the sales funnel.  Above you can see how opportunities move from SQL to BANT qualified to Closed Won, as well as the amount of time between each stage.  This information is valuable from a business perspective at the overall level, and it’s extremely valuable when comparing BDRs to each other.  It lets you understand which reps produce high quality opps that convert through your sales funnel quickly.

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Rekener's Sales Rep Scorecard app is the fastest and most powerful way to get all your sales analytics done.  Rekener helps world-class businesses understand opportunity stage durations and dozens of other sales performance metrics.

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Rekener Sales Rep Scorecards is the quickest and easiest way to get all of your sales rep reporting done...period.

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