Automate Your Data Warehouse with Rekener's Customer Data Platform For B2B

Automate Your Data Warehouse with Rekener's Customer Data Platform For B2B

The Customer Data Platform (CDP) is the operating system for customer-centric businesses.  But the notion of using data to be more customer-centric is not new.  Business Intelligence (BI) tools have been used to generate sales and marketing insights for more than two decades. But BI has not become a universal operating system for B2B because BI depends on centralized IT and data analysis teams with hard-to-find and expensive technical skills. 

So, what makes CDPs so transformational for B2B? It boils down to two things.  The first is the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) to automate extraction, transformation and loading (ETL) of customer data from multiple sources.  The second is the democratization of data analytics.  This means that line of business managers can directly generate insights and put those insights into action.  With CDPs, IT is an enabler, not a gate keeper.  And data analysis can scale because it is distributed, not centralized.

In this post, we'll explore three ways that Rekener's CDP for B2B can accelerate your data warehouse project with automated ETL.

1. Extract Easily With Rekener's Customer Data Platform

Rekener helps companies drive revenue growth using customer data.  The starting point is a data warehouse in the cloud that Rekener sets up and manages.  Data extraction is straightforward.  For any of the following data sources, extraction is as simple as authorizing Rekener to receive data.

  • Salesforce CRM
  • HubSpot CRM
  • Marketo Marketing Automation
  • HubSpot Marketing Automation
  • MixPanel Product Usage
  • Zendesk Support Data
  • Engagio Marketing Data

Rekener also provides an API for easy integration of other sources.  Lots of Rekener customers use this API to integrate product usage data.  Others have integrated things like Netsuite financial data and spreadsheets with sales quotas.  

2. Transform Automatically With Rekener's Machine Learning 

Transforming data for B2B sales and marketing applications requires two big things.

  • Creating a master account list
  • Joining leads and other data sources at the master account level

Creating a master account list is difficult because data in the CRM is almost always messy.  There are always duplicate accounts.  Plus, many businesses have subsidiaries and affiliates with different names.  Eliminating dupes and rolling up subsidiaries and affiliates is a big challenge.  There are lots of vendors (some with big names like Dun & Bradstreet and Hoovers) that sell information to try to piece together accounts.  This works for businesses that have a modest number of very large enterprise customers.  But for companies that have a large number of target accounts, measured in the tens or hundreds of thousands of potential business customers, there needs to be an automated solution.

Rekener uses Artificial Intelligence to automate the transformation of account data into a master account list, and then automatically joins leads and other data sources to those accounts.  Creating a master account list is all about knowing how company names and domains fit together.  Rekener has machine learning algorithms that use sources on the internet (Google, Bing and Whois) to figure out how domains and names fit together.  This way, Rekener automatically knows which accounts are dupes or affiliates or subsidiaries, and rolls them all up together.  Then, leads and other data sources are joined to create a clean 360 degree view of your account data. 

On top of that, Rekener maintains this data structure and updates it any time there are changes in the source data or in the way that company domains connect.  For example, if a company is acquired or is sold, Rekener knows and makes the adjustment to the data structure automatically. Also, any time changes happen in the CRM or any other data source, those changes are updated in Rekener and cleaned up as necessary.

3. Load Data Directly Into Analytical Applications

The ultimate value of a data warehouse is the analytical applications that you can create with the data.  It's even more powerful when those analytical applications put the power of data into action.  Rekener automatically loads data from the underlying account data structure into an analytical user interface where the applications can be used by business people to slice and dice the data and discover surprising insights. To read more about how line of business managers can use Rekener or other CDPs for analytical applications, check out my post on democratizing data analytics. Rekener's customers have built a broad range of analytical applications.

In addition, for businesses that have a data analytics team, Rekener's data structure can be easily exported for analysis in Excel or other data modeling software.

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