Case Study - Acquia Levels Up Sales Performance Reviews with Sales Rep Scorecards

Acquia is automating analytics and improving sales performance with Rekener's Sales Rep Scorecards.

Acquia Levels Up Sales Performance Reviews

Acquia is the open source digital experience company, and provides the world’s most ambitious brands the leading cloud platform for building, delivering, and optimizing digital experiences.  With more than 100 reps on their sales and account management teams, Acquia places huge value on sales analytics and performance reviews. This effort is spearheaded by Mark Turner, Director of Sales and Finance Operations.

Acquia has a great talent review process, in which they assess the performance of every rep on the whole team, at regular intervals.

Prior to using Rekener Sales Rep Scorecards, this was a highly manual process.  Everything was done in spreadsheets. It was also a process that was not very flexible.  Spreadsheets were only put together at the summary level, and so viewing trends by rep over time was challenging.  And, over time, Acquia’s sales spreadsheets got so big that they could take more than 10 minutes to open, and would often crash.

Acquia began using Rekener to solve 3 key problems:

  1. Tying together multiple sources of sales data:  Quotas (tracked in Google Sheets), Pipeline (tracked in Salesforce), and official performance results (tracked in a financial system).
  2. Getting a holistic view of teams and reps to be able to compare performance between reps on the same team.
  3. Calculating advanced KPIs like pipeline coverage, sales velocity, and quota attainment automatically over any span of time.

With Rekener, Acquia has improved the effectiveness of sales performance reviews and saved significant amounts of time. According to Mark Turner:

“Sales Rep Scorecards have leveled up our talent review process significantly.  Sales managers love using Rekener to review rep performance because it’s easy to use and everything they need is all in one place.  For our analytics team, Sales Rep Scorecards save us tons of time on an ongoing basis, and allow us to calculate KPI’s that we never used to be able to measure effectively.”

Mark Turner, Acquia Director of Sales and Finance Operations, uses Rekener's Sales Rep Scorecards to automate sales analytics and improve sales performance.

Getting the Data Together

Acquia has sales data in a lot of places.  They have quotas that are tracked in spreadsheets, performance data in their financial systems, and pipeline, activity and sales funnel data in Salesforce.

Because Sales Rep Scorecards runs on Rekener’s Customer Data Platform, Acquia was able to bring all of this data together very simply and quickly.  Rather than cobbling everything together in a massive spreadsheet with VLOOKUPs, Rekener brings in all the data automatically, and organizes it by sales rep automatically, which is a huge win.

Also, Sales Rep Scorecards integrate seamlessly with Google Sheets.  Since Acquia has a growing sales team, their list of quotas is always evolving as they bring on more reps.  Instead of going through any complicated configuration process, Acquia can just add another row to their Google sheet when they have a new sales rep with a quota, and Rekener picks it up automatically.

Acquia was even able to integrate data from LinkedIn Sales Navigator to show how much each rep is using Navigator, and what their Social Selling Index (SSI) is.

Acquia integrates data from Salesforce and multiple data sources in order to create Sales Rep Scorecards that help sales managers improve sales performance.

360 Degree View of Reps and Teams

Acquia has a large sales organization, broken down in the following way:

  • 100+ sales reps

  • 15 different new business sales teams

  • 4 different VPs that oversee multiple new business teams

  • 6 different renewal / account management teams

In their territory performance reviews, Mark’s team assesses the performance of every rep, and also every manager, plus each of the VPs.  The team managers need to be able to break down the performance of all the reps that report to them. And VPs need to be able to break down all the reps, but also each of the territory managers that report to them.

Sales Rep Scorecards makes it simple to create teams.  Teams are defined by existing Salesforce role hierarchies or any other property of your reps.  Reps can be in more than one team at a time, which allows Acquia to set up teams for each level of the company org structure.  For example, the same rep can be a member of a territory manager’s team and also be part of the team that rolls up to the VP level.  Acquia can also group together reps by role, so that it’s easy to compare all Account Executives, for example.

Additionally, VPs can easily compare the performance of the different teams that report to them, which allows them to also assess the performance of the territory managers.

Custom KPIs from any Data Source

Acquia was faced with three challenges when it came to calculating KPI’s for all their reps and teams:

Acquia uses Rekener's Sales Rep Scorecards to blend data from multiple sources, automate KPI calculations and customize Sales Rep Scorecards for sales managers and reps in every role

1. Blending data from Salesforce with data from Finance and Google Sheets

Acquia’s data was spread among systems and needed to be brought together and blended for their territory reviews.  Mark’s team was able to join the data quickly and easily inside of the Sales Rep Scorecard app. This is because Rekener can automatically blend data from different sources, and group it all by rep.  This lets Acquia calculate metrics like Pipeline Coverage, Quota Attainment, and other performance metrics over time with data from multiple sources.

Because Rekener updates automatically as new data comes in, Acquia only had to configure their data once, and now all the KPI’s they care about are refreshed on a daily basis.

2. Custom calculations

Acquia has a highly customized setup in Salesforce.  They have hundreds of custom fields and dozens of custom objects.  Because the business has been around since 2007, and their sales motion is now quite sophisticated, there is a lot of complexity to how metrics and KPI’s need to be calculated.  

Historically, the only way Acquia could do this was in spreadsheets, since they needed to use multiple objects at the same time in the calculations.  Because Rekener is such a flexible platform, Acquia was able to automate all of the metrics they formerly calculated in spreadsheets With Rekener, the calculation is set up once, and it updates automatically as new data comes in.

For instance, Acquia can measure sales velocity by sales rep or team over any period of time.  And for their account managers, they can track renewal and churn rates very simply, for any time period.

3. Different scorecards for different teams.

Acquia measures reps in different roles using different objectives and targets.  Sales Rep Scorecards is a perfect platform for this, since different dashboards can be created and shared with the managers of the various roles.

For account executives, Acquia measures performance based on a few factors.

  • Performance vs. quota by rep - quarterly, and for the full span of the past 4 quarters.

  • Pipeline coverage both weighted and unweighted for the current and next quarter

  • Level of activity for calls, emails and meetings set with prospects

  • Performance metrics like ASP, Close Rate, Sales Cycle, and Push Rate

Sales managers can compare their reps on any of these metrics, and can also see the trends over time for any rep.

For account managers, Acquia has a different scorecard that reflects their objectives.

  • Renewal rate for each account manager

  • Overall renewal rate for the team

  • Breakdown of product whitespace by account

  • Upcoming renewals and forecast for each account managed

Big Wins for Acquia’s Business

By using Sales Rep Scorecards, Mark and his team have significantly enhanced the impact of talent reviews.  Instead of mining through spreadsheets, Acquia’s sales managers can easily see reps that are performing in the top and bottom bands.  And since all of the KPI’s for each rep are in one place, it’s easy to diagnose the reasons if reps are struggling.

Additionally, Rekener saves Mark’s team hours of spreadsheet time.  Now, they can focus more time on the strategy of improving performance, rather than just spending time updating spreadsheets.

Further, the front line managers have the ability to see the performance data for their teams and reps whenever they want, including automated reports that go out to leaders via email every single week.  These reports highlight the reps that need help and coaching.

Learn More about Sales Rep Scorecards

Sales Rep Scorecards is a complete sales analytics solution for sales leaders who want to improve performance.  Sales Rep Scorecards also save sales and operations leaders hours per week by automating reporting and KPI generation.  Sales Rep Scorecards can be set up in minutes. No IT required to implement or manage. Get started with a free trial today!

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