Account Rollup is Live in the AppExchange

Rekener Account Rollup available on Salesforce AppExchange

What's up

I'm proud to announce that we've officially published our first Salesforce AppExchange app, the Rekener Account Rollup.  The Account Rollup provides Lead-to-Account Matching and Account Rollups inside of Salesforce.  You can find the AppExchange listing here.

How we do Lead-to-Account Matching and Account Rollups

Rekener Account Rollup works a little differently than other Lead-to-Account Matching and account resolution products.  What we do is we look at all of the information associated with each account in Salesforce:  website, company name, and all email addresses of associated contacts.  We search all that information in the WhoIs database, which tells us which company owns each domain.  We also look up all this information on both Google and Bing, to see which results come up.  We compare it all with the company name to produce a confidence interval of how likely we think it is that a given account is a particular company.  We then use this information to collapse duplicate accounts under just one master account, and we also use it to match leads to those accounts.  

The point:  it's a sophisticated algorithm that uses all the information you have, to make the best matches.

How it looks

The Rekener Account Rollup creates a new object in your Salesforce instance called Rekener Accounts.  Here's a screenshot of what it looks like when you view multiple Rekener Accounts.  You can see how many total Salesforce accounts you have for each of these companies, as well as how many contacts, leads and opportunities you have with each company.


When you click into one Rekener Account, you can see all the associated Salesforce accounts, contacts, leads and opportunities.  This is great so for account managers to be able to see everything associated with their bigger accounts, all in one place.


How to get it


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