Top 5 Technology Products Your Sales Managers Need for Success

Five technologies that can help sales managers succeed.

A guest blog by Amir Reiter, CEO at CloudTask

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Modern sales practices require reps to find harmony between the shifting technologies that are disrupting the industry and the interpersonal skills that drive sales.

Often we see sales reps that struggle to utilize the wealth of strategic tools that the digital age has sent them in a neatly wrapped gift basket. These emerging tools that are driven by machine-learning, cloud technologies and AI, have drastically changed the sales space and restructured the sales funnel in amazing ways.

Despite the initial Terminator(esk) fears that loomed at the start of this new technological spark, technology has become the backbone of modern sales. These mighty digital products have removed the shackles of repetition and mundanity from reps and have allowed them to hone in on their most powerful asset, personability.

Let's take a look at the top 5 tech products that every sales manager should be implementing if they want to remain competitive in our radically evolving sales world.


Yes, we know you probably have a CRM. But, very few businesses take full advantage of their CRM, which is sad given the deployment costs (training, set-up, admin and so forth).

Sales managers need to be engrossing themselves in every little detail of their CRM. Whether that's looking into all of the pipeline management tweaks, creating records, tracking records, or focusing on employee tracking, there's a ton to do.

The hidden features that lay trapped inside of convoluted interfaces and saturated toolbars may provide managers with extraordinary insight and as a result, increase their need to learn their CRM inside-and-out.

The CRM is one of the top technologies for sales managers to master

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Some Helpful Statistics:

Automated Sales Rep Tracking

Automated sales rep tracking helps sales managers foster an environment of accountability while still maintaining fair and achievable metrics. Sure, we all know that sales is nuanced, and you can't accurately measure every step of the sales process via metrics.

However, you can certainly agree on some KPIs that are achievable and actionable. With a good sales management platform, you can automate all of the mundane sales tracking tasks, easily see success and identify areas of opportunity.

Essentially, you're freeing up manager time while gaining a more thorough and accurate insight into your sales reps’ overall selling architecture. You can track reps, set KPI standards, and instantly figure out crucial coaching areas. This means that sales managers don't have to spend valuable time manually tracking their organization's sales makeup and can focus on more critical tasks such as generating leads and closing sales.

Sales Rep Scorecards from Rekener is a comprehensive sales management platform with automated sales rep performance tracking.Sales Rep Scorecards from Rekener

Some helpful resources:

Video Selling

This isn't as straightforward as a CRM and automated sales rep tracking, because you can institute video sales in a plethora of exciting (and distinct) channels. Great examples are:

  • Business is now more global than face to face. If you’re on a call, add a video link. It makes it more personable and improves your results.

  • Sharing videos in emails is shown to greatly increase open rates and positive responses

Of course, when and where you choose to institute video sales will be a reflection of your specific organization's sales funnel. There will be a learning curve for some reps who lean on traditional sales channels, but opening more possibilities is never a bad thing — and video is a very rich channel.

Hey, if you have that great client or that prospect you really want to connect with, making them a personalized video is a great way to enhance any relationship and when you set up that call, make sure you’re on screen to better build rapport.

Video selling is a powerful sales channel for sales people to add to their process.Image by spemone on Pexels

Some helpful stats:

Social Selling Tools

If you're not targeting prospects on social media, you're missing out on a large piece-of-the-pie. If you were to tell sales teams 50 years ago that there was a building filled with detailed information about prospect’s likes, dislikes and purchase patterns, no doubt heart attacks would ensue. Social media is filled with ripe ready-to-be customers, so it seems like a no-brainer to incorporate it into your sales cycle.

There are thousands of social selling tools that target platform specific customers and some that even build social media networks in-office for salespeople to share tips-and-tricks. Each one of these valuable tools offers a different experience than the rest.

Sure, maybe you're already using social media, but without social selling tools, you're leaving a chunk of analytics on the table. Managers need to see how salespeople are positioning sales in this new medium, and track an entirely new category of social selling KPIs.

Social selling should be a part of any B2B sales process.Image by Pixabay on Pexels

Some Helpful Statistics:

  • 90% of the top performing sales reps use social media as part of their rotation

  • Social sellers attract 45% more opportunities than their peers, are 51% more likely to achieve quotas, and outsell their non-social counterparts 78% of the time - LinkedIn SSI

List Building Features

When it comes to valuable lead enrichment features, list building is crucial. Here are a few examples of how lists can be built:

  • Tools such as LinkedIn Sales Navigator can pull a list of leads with a certain size, in a given geography and industry sector, who you know are typically interested in your services

  • Companies such as Discover.Org provide highly targeted lists of prospect data based on the criteria you set

  • Use your CRM to filter which prospects engage the most with your content, who are likely to be the warmest opportunities

List building is an easy way to gather and keep track of prospect data, while simultaneously pinpointing high-value leads that garner special attention.

When you’ve dried up the top quality leads, you’ll still have a large number of additional opportunities who are likely to be interested in your products or services.

Software that helps build lists of target leads is key technology for B2B sales.Image by Suzy Hazelwood on Pexels

Some Helpful Statistics:

  • It takes sales reps an average of 8 cold call attempts to reach a prospect - make sure you’re contacting the right people

  • Companies that spend at least 3 hours a month managing their salespeople's pipeline see 11% higher revenue

Grow Your Revenue with the Right Technology

Sales managers need to be paying attention to emerging technologies.

These new platforms built on cloud platforms, and driven by deep-learning and data can significantly change the way that you make sales, and greatly grow your revenue. Be sure to:

  • Optimize your CRM

  • Automate sales rep tracking

  • Video sell

  • Utilize social selling

  • Have list building tools

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