Run Targeted Cross-sell Campaigns

Find the accounts that have one product but not another.
Feed leads & contacts to your sales team
or into your sales cadence tool.

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Calculate powerful metrics like win rate and ASP by product and opportunity type. Then cross-sell with the right combination of products.

Having a multi-product strategy is a great way to increase average revenue per account (ARPA).  But it can be nearly impossible to get a clear picture of your business, sorted by product, in order to deliver the cross-sell revenue you need.

You need visibility that lets you understand your ASP and Close Rate by product and by opportunity type to know which products are best for landing and which are best for cross-sell.  

The Rekener Account Control Center lets you calculate these easily, as well as determine the total amount of recurring revenue by product in each of your accounts. You can then create groups of accounts that have one product but not another to run targeted cross-sell campaigns.

Determine total value of recurring revenue by product in each account with Rekener Account Control Center

See product metrics by segment

It’s hard enough to see product-based metrics in general, but what about by segment? The Rekener Account Control Center allows you to understand product-based metrics by any grouping of accounts. Slice and pivot your way to understanding your ASPs, close rates, and other important metrics by segment and by opportunity type. Answer questions like which product should the sales team land with in a given industry? Which product has the best cross-sell close rate in your Enterprise segment? Which product has the best renewal rate in your Fortune 500 accounts? Among customers who purchased my latest product, which other product will my sales team be most successful at cross-selling? 

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