Land The Right Net New Business

Acquire the right new deals
by alerting sales reps to
the next best opportunity

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Use buying signals to notify sales of their next best account

You’re collecting data about everything your accounts are doing: emails opened, visits to your website, event attendance, product usage and more. But your sales reps are still cold calling leads. Wait, what?

The Rekener Account Control Center makes account lifecycle data visible to everyone on the go-to-market team. Proactive account monitoring automatically notifies reps when it’s time to pursue the best net new opportunities.

Land Net New Business with the Rekener Account Control Center

Prioritize leads from accounts with highest revenue potential

With the Rekener Account Control Center, use account activity collected throughout the organization to prioritize leads with the power of context: Have they visited the website? Do you have other contacts in the account? Have they done a trial? Are they a customer already?

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