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Scaling a B2B recurring revenue business takes a lot more than just driving net new volume down the pipe. Winning is about focusing land-and-expand activities on those customers most likely to grow over time. Our resources are limited, so how do we determine which accounts will power future revenue growth?

With Rekener’s team of BizOps experts and our powerful software, you’ll see patterns in your data that unlock hidden revenue potential.

Today’s data-driven sales, marketing and product teams are generating tons of customer data. So much so, in fact, that finding the right resources to analyze it all is really tough, especially at month-end, quarter-end and during annual planning cycles. Your strategic BizOps team — the team that handles sales operations, marketing operations, customer service/customer success operations, and financial planning and analysis — may not have the bandwidth or expertise to simultaneously keep the business running and identify new opportunities for revenue growth.

If you're looking to power up your strategic BizOps efforts, consider working with Rekener. We'll leverage our extensive operational expertise and powerful Account Lifecycle Management software to help you spot patterns in your own customer data to:

  • Develop and Run Targeted Cross-sell Strategies. Easily identify accounts that have one product but not another, then automatically feed leads and contacts to the sales team or into your sales cadence tool.
  • Master Your Land & Expand Models. Using multiple variables, determine which approach makes sense for each target segment by seamlessly bringing together and getting new insight from data from your marketing automation, Salesforce CRM, customer engagement and other systems.
  • Generate the Right Net New Revenue to Drive Future Growth. Use signals hidden in the customer data you already have and identify the best accounts to pursue for net new and expansion.
  • Maximize Sales & Marketing ROI by Locating Resources Based on a Territory’s Revenue Potential. Design 2018 sales territory plans to reflect evolving business needs and apply the right sales talent to the right opportunities.
  • Explore and Find Optimal Market Segments. Conduct segmentation by product, by geography, and vertical/industry to identify and prioritize targets.
  • Reduce Customer Churn by Finding Patterns in the Data. that indicate where to apply resources to keep — and expand — the right accounts.

We love this stuff. Rekener was founded by a team of recurring revenue business veterans who are passionate about the power of BizOps. This is the team that created the Account Control Center, Rekener’s powerful software that helps recurring revenue companies see patterns in customer data to build account strategies and deliver action plans that lead to real growth. As we told BostInno recently, some of our customers think of us as their secret weapon.

Rekener wants to become your company's secret weapon for maximizing recurring revenuye

Don't worry. Everyone's data is messy.

During peak times of the year, or when navigating an acquisition or investment round, your already-limited BizOps team may be stretched to the brink. Rekener’s BizOps experts will leverage the value hidden in your silo’d customer data, along with our powerful Account Control Center software, to help you find ways to maximize recurring revenue. We'll work with your account data from your, Marketo, Hubspot, Mixpanel and Zendesk and proprietary systems — even if it's messy — and uncover opportunities to bring new revenue to your business.

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