Account Lifecycle Management

Align Go-to-Market Teams
Around One Powerful Goal:
Smarter Revenue Growth

Land Smart, Grow Over Time

Scaling a B2B recurring revenue business takes a lot more than just driving net new volume down the pipe.

Winning is about focusing our land & expand activities on those customers most likely to grow over time. Our resources are limited, so how do we determine which accounts will power future revenue growth? The answers are right in front of us.

  • Our systems-of-record produce overwhelming amounts of data and endless reports, yet none deliver actionable strategies.
  • Our valuable account data is trapped in department-level systems, so no one team can see the big picture.
  • And if you've tried to create your own solution using Excel or SQL, you know it costs too much money and takes too much time, and any insights you generate are still a challenge to execute.

Scale Up Using Data from Your Accounts

We’ve got a way to help you spot patterns in data you already have — gathered throughout each account’s entire lifecycle, but stored separately by marketing, sales, customer success and support teams — so you can unlock the secrets of scalable growth.

Rekener delivers a flexible, data-driven approach to effective revenue growth with the Account Control Center. The only BizOps platform designed for maximizing recurring revenue, the Account Control Center joins data from different systems, giving BizOps leaders and sales teams a shared understanding about which accounts drive growth, plus the ability to translate that insight into action.

Maximize Recurring Revenue

Today's BizOps leader does more than just set up the CRM. BizOps — or business operations — is now the primary strategic function that drives the recurring revenue growth engine in B2B. Rekener's team of BizOps experts built the Account Control Center to enable BizOps leaders like you to leverage your data to develop strategies and put them into action.


Leverage Your Data

The Account Control Center integrates data from the entire account lifecycle, including Salesforce CRM, your marketing automation platform, support system, usage tracking tools and custom sources, to paint a full picture of account activity over time.


Prescribe Winning Strategies

Use the Account Control Center to create dynamic metrics and tables to identify attributes of accounts to land, determine which accounts to pursue for expansion and find lookalikes with white space for growth.


Drive Action

With the Account Control Center, create actionable lists of high-potential accounts. Feed leads and contacts to sales via Salesforce CRM or your sales cadence tool.

Built for BizOps, by BizOps

The Account Control Center transforms data trapped in silos into a single, flexible structure, designed by BizOps experts from the ground up. It builds the data foundation you need to apply your BizOps expertise and translate business goals into execution.

Build Your Data Foundation

  • Automatic de-duplication and roll-up of your account data into a single master account object lets you easily see a given account, despite inconsistencies in company and contact names in Salesforce, your marketing database and other data sources.
  • Join data from sales, marketing and other data sources without the costs of hiring a SQL team or building your own data warehouse. Get immediate visibility into which contacts and leads are engaging with your business, even when no one’s working them.
  • Slice data by any object — accounts, products, sales reps, marketing campaigns and more — and across all sources to see what's working and stop what's not.

Translate Goals Into Action

  • Designed with a deep understanding of source objects and their limits, the Account Control Center gives BizOps teams unprecedented ability to explore and manipulate account lifecycle data in order to find, contact and work the right accounts.
  • Pre-built and custom metrics and tables expose white space for account expansion as well as potential pitfalls, saving you from investing in segments that may not pay off.
  • By simplifying access to account insights and prescribing actions that drive growth, the Account Control Center empowers strategic BizOps teams to do what they do best: using data to drive decisions that take your company forward.

Boost Your BizOps Mojo

With a powerful mix of skills from data wrangling to strategic analysis to sales process improvement, the BizOps team can leverage the Account Control Center to keep sales teams focused on the right accounts, every day. But during peak times of the year, or when navigating an acquisition or investment round, your already limited BizOps resources may be stretched to the brink.

Bring in Rekener’s team of BizOps experts to leverage our powerful Account Control Center software to help you maximize recurring revenue. We’ll work with account data from Salesforce, Marketo, Hubspot, Zendesk, Mixpanel and your custom data sources — even if the data is messy — to find expansion opportunities and drive growth.


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