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Align the Team Around Your Recurring Revenue Goals:


Identify best accounts
for cross-selling activity

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Understand how your accounts expand
over time, and identify which ones
are the best targets to expand now

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Monitor accounts for buying signals
and alert sales reps
to the next best opportunity

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Spot patterns in your customer data
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of scalable growth

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The account lifecycle approach represents a major transformation in B2B sales and marketing, with billions in revenue at stake.

We Believe in the Power of BizOps to Accelerate Business Growth

Rekener’s mission is to help B2B businesses maximize recurring revenue and empower the strategic BizOps teams who make it happen. For recurring revenue model businesses, the way to achieve success is to grow annual recurring revenue (ARR) in the most efficient way possible. That’s why we think it’s critically important to elevate BizOps teams - especially sales and marketing ops - to a strategic level by empowering them to understand the account lifecycle and discover the smarter path to revenue growth.

The account lifecycle approach represents a major transformation in B2B sales and marketing, with billions in revenue at stake. For the past decade, software businesses set up sales and marketing pipelines using best-in-breed tech stacks to drive lead and deal volume. The mantra has been: “Sell now, worry about maximizing ARR later.” But this is changing: business leaders are learning that future revenue growth depends on the ability to understand the account lifecycle and prioritize the sales and marketing team to focus on accounts with the highest revenue potential over time.

The time is now for a smarter approach to revenue growth. Strategic B2B leaders know the only way to grow revenue and improve efficiency is by aligning the entire business around a single shared goal: smarter revenue growth. The Rekener founding team knows from experience just how hard it is to make the transition from focusing on landing more deals to focusing on growing recurring revenue over time. We also know that the the challenge of making the transition happen usually falls to the BizOps team.

Where does the BizOps team go for ideas, tools and best practices? Exactly. That's why we created the resources we wished we had in our former roles at B2B software businesses.

Account Lifecycle Management Software

Strategic BizOps teams need to generate prioritized lists so marketing and sales know which accounts to target. That requires the ability to gather account lifecycle data and then analyze segments to identify those with high revenue potential over time. The Rekener Account Control Center is the first Account Lifecycle Management solution that brings together these operational, data integration and analytical capabilities in a single, flexible platform to help you make smarter decisions about growing recurring revenue.


Strategic BizOps Community

Our experiences as BizOps leaders are remarkably similar. We all have a lot to share, but things are changing every day, so we still have a lot to learn. That's why we're enabling the BizOps community to engage with one another at a strategic level, both via our BizOps Blog and in real life at our meetups. Membership is free.


The time is now for a smarter approach to revenue growth.

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